QuickBooks Hosting – Shared vs. Dedicated Server Resources

QuickBooks Hosting QuickBooks cloud hosting is a smarter way of financial management that most accountants are opting for speedy completion of work with utmost accuracy and minimal wastage of time. There are numerous advantages of bringing your business online. QuickBooks hosting not only saves great time in performing the manual tasks in a very less time but also provides remote access to your database from anywhere to maintain the constant flow of work.

Hosting is mainly categorized as Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting. Dedicated hosting is a fully licensed hosting which offers users the full right to access all resources without sharing it with any other organisation. On the other hand, shared hosting is a service in which hosting server is shared mutually by several organisations depending upon the type of payment plan they have chosen. Here are the pros and cons of each type of hosting service to help users better analyze:

Features of Dedicated Hosting Server

  • Dedicated Hosting server is a bit costlier: To rent the space on a complete server is little costly as comparable to shared hosting server. However, if the business requirements are extensive and clients wish to configure their entire financial workspace on the cloud, this is a recommended way to go about it.
  • Best fit for customised hosting services: Since all the right of using the dedicated server is with the user, the server can thus be customised exactly as per the demands and requirements of the particular organization and company.
  • Exclusive speed: Due to non-sharing of server and resources, the speed of dedicated server is much higher than shared hosting server.
  • Better for Large Organisation: The large business companies that can afford to have the services of a dedicated hosted server can go for it.
  • High level of Security offered: Dedicated Server offers a high security level to the financial database of any organisation as it is not shared by any other organisation. Moreover, customized security parameters can be applied here in order to encapsulate data from any external threats.


Features of Shared Hosting Server

  • Less secure as compared to Dedicate Server Hosting: Due to its divided structure, shared hosting servers are less secure as compared to dedicated hosting server. Since many organizations share the same type of applications, the data is not quite safe here.
  • Fit for Small Business Needs: Small business organizations that do not have extensive business requirements can easily manage all their financial activities through a shared QuickBooks hosting server.
  • Less Bandwidth, less Disk Space, and Processing Power: Sharing of hosting server offers less bandwidth disk space and processing speed to its users as compared to that provided by dedicated server.
  • Solve purpose of small businessman: Shared Hosting Server is greatly helpful to small-sized businesses whose income doesn’t allow them to afford a dedicated cloud space.
  • Limited Resources: Limited resources are provided in shared hosting server due to the multiple distributions of common resources among other users. In any case if the requirement expands, it can be easily met with flexible resources.


The choice of hosted QuickBooks server depends greatly on the financial activities that a potential user is willing to undertake. Cost is also a concern here. However, no matter shared or dedicated, hosting in itself relieves a great burden of IT maintenance and thus, both forms work equally well for their respective set of requirements.