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ATX Software Hosting


ATX software hosting, a secured and hassle-free way to prepare your taxes

ATX Tax Software has been designed to make the process of tax preparation as easy as possible. ATX Tax Software is counted amongst the industry-leading tax preparation software. It makes you more productive, allows increased efficiency, and offers expanded customization options. By using ATX software –

  • You are able to have up to three returns open at once, thus, making it very easy to refer to related returns or to take customers’ calls and instantly answer the questions without having to leave the return you are already working on;
  • You are able to deliver a more personalized level of service, making custom client engagement letters’ summary sheets and other types of documents;
  • You are able to create custom print packets in order to meet your firm’s unique requirements, leveraging the flexibility offered in the ATX Software’s global print setup options.

ATX Tax Software turns into a great professional tax application program when it is hosted through a cloud computing and application hosting service provider. We host all the ATX Tax preparation packages including 1040, 1040 Office, MAX, Total Tax Office, and Total Tax & Accounting.

Advantages of ATX Tax Software Hosting

ATX Software hosting service provisions many benefits as are stated here below

1. Users Get Any place, Anytime, and Instant Accessibility

With Cloud hosting of ATX Tax Software service, users get anytime accessibility from any place to the hosted ATX Tax software and data. Users can access software from wherever they are located on this planet through the help of the Internet.

2. Multiple Users Get Simultaneous Accessibility

By availing ATX software hosting on our cloud, multiple users are able to access hosted tax software and data at the same time and from anyplace via Internet.

3. Users Get a Highly Economical Solution

ATX Tax hosting helps you to save expenditure on Information Technology or IT infrastructure, hardware, operations, networking, management, maintenance, etc.

4. State of the Art Data Centers

Tier four grade, SAS No. 70 Type II compliant, and Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 compliant data center facilities are used by us as an ATX Tax Software host. Our data center facilities use the latest computing equipments available. Our data centers have advanced networking infrastructure.

5. Users Get Full Security

As data center houses information critical to the success of the businesses, therefore, we as an ATX Tax service provider ensures full security by making use of high quality antivirus, network intrusion prevention system, firewall, etc.

6. ATX Tax Software Hosting Offers Robust Data Backup

ATX Tax on cloud is highly safe as rolling and robust data backup technology is used in order to backup the customer’s business critical data.

7. Free of Cost 24/7 Support Services

Our ATX Tax Software hosting service comes with expert 24/7 support services via live chat, toll free phone, email, and remote desktop assistance.