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Get hosted services delivered on the internet

Cloud Computing denotes the hosted services which are delivered on the internet. Cloud Computing is generally divided into 3 parts which are Platform as a Service (PAAS), Software as a Service (SAAS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS).

The Company was established by seasoned executives. With Coordinated efforts, the executive team has developed a strategy to distribute reliable Cloud Computing Services.

The main feature of Cloud Computing are:-

  1. It is elastic:- Cloud Computing is customized as per the demand of the client and sold accordingly. So one can get the configuration as per the requirement rather than getting into the usage of high end configuration which he actually does not require. It is easily upgradable, so one can contact the cloud computing service provider to upgrade the configuration as per the requirement and it can be done without facing any issue.
  2. Pay as per the usage:- One is required to pay for only what he actually use. Consumer is not required to invest in the huge infrastructure even when he is not using it. A client is required to have a PC and internet connection only as his application is stored on a third party server which is managed by the cloud hosting service provider. So, a client can save as much as he wants, without compromising on the quality of the infrastructure.
  3. No long term contract:- Most of the cloud computing vendors works on monthly contract, so a client can switch to the other vendor if he does not like the services as the data can be migrated very easily.
  4. Data Security:- Data stored on cloud ensures high end security, as cloud computing service provider adopts latest cyber security measures to protect data from intrusion and virus attacks. Apart from that the vendor provides data back up for last 30 days which ensure that data will not be lost even by mistake of the client.

Cloud Infrastructure offered by MyRealTime Cloud:-

  1. All servers are working on RAID 10 with 15000 RPM SAS disks to provide high performance
  2. All servers are on latest Intel Chips ‘Westmere’ which are very fast.
  3. All Servers are located in earthquake free zones in a Tier IV data centers at Dallas and Seattle with redundant air-conditioning, Biometric Security and redundant power source.
  4. Data Centre is availing services from 7 Internet Backbone Providers with cumulative bandwidth more than 40 GBPS