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Hosted Quickbooks, a novel way to get more out of your Quickbooks

Hosted QuickBooks has introduced a new ease in the accounting world. Imagining a day without QuickBooks can be really troublesome if you are an accountant. In this situation, your daily task can get hampered if you have to troubleshoot the software, hardware or network problems that arise. Cloud proposes a solution by delivering the fully-functional working environment as a service with no implementation or accessibility limitations and at an easily affordable price.

Save your Time with QuickBooks Hosting

Have you wondered how much of your valuable time passes away in sending files to clients and receiving responses from them when they view the document? It is also possible for them to schedule a meeting with you just in case things are not clear. With hosted QuickBooks, you and your clients can share a common file on a remote server. Both can access the files simultaneously. The 2013 version of QuickBooks gives the option to chat with other users which makes it easier to discuss any potential issues then and there. Cloud can help you work in real-time while saving every bit of time to be utilized in other important financial tasks.

More Business with Hosted QuickBooks

Accounting accuracy and quick management are the two things that are greatly valued in the financial arena. With the help of QB hosting, you can have both with you. When you do not have to focus on resolving complex IT issues, you can calmly concentrate on your accounting tasks. You can save time by managing all your tasks in a streamlined manner. Besides, the time otherwise wasted in connecting with the client and discussing about the work is saved. So, you can be quick and accurate and can thus accrue more business while working for the same number of hours.

Real-Time Collaboration with QuickBooks on Cloud

In the accounting world, there are often some stressed times when it seems important to have collaboration of a team so as to complete a targeted assignment in time. The use of a remote server holding your data centrally, you can have various users access the same files from anywhere and work simultaneously to provide good pace to the accounting operations. This type of work is synchronized and consistent all the time since there are no separate sections that are worked on and combined. A small cost for a smart contemporary setup – This is what QuickBooks Hosting offers.

Guaranteed Security with Hosted QuickBooks

The implementation of intense physical security at the data centers ensures that is no potential harm to your data. The implementation of CCTV cameras and their live monitoring along with authorized biometric access ensure that the data is safe physically. What about the internet threats and virtual-level security of the data? Firewalls are set up, anti-virus software is installed, data is transmitted and stored under the cover of 128-bit encryption, intrusion detection systems monitor the suspicious activities and compliance with Government standards make sure that data and applications on server are protected in every possible way from any possible vulnerability.

Hosted QuickBooks Editions are Completely Your Choice

If you are thinking about whether your edition of QuickBooks can be hosted on cloud, you can rest assured. MyRealTime Cloud hosts a wide variety of QB editions including Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Accounting. The versions may however be a limited. All the versions of QB starting from 2009 version can be hosted with us successfully. We provide complete round-the-clock support for our services. We hold excellent customer service as our forte and this is why you can have your issues resolved the moment they appear.