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Lacerte Software Hosting


Why do you need Lacerte Tax Software?

Lacerte has been recognized as the best tax software application by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) since the time this tax software was launched. Lacerte, Intuit Inc. top rated tax software is favored choice of a majority of tax preparers and accounting professionals. Firstly, tax preparation is a very fussy process needing the alliance of a large number of users. Subsequently, the tax preparation process is intense during few months only. This leads to staffing of added manpower, even fresher’s, during the run. This may lead to flaws in the taxation process. Good tax software can help you at such times and can minimize the risk of flaws.

Here you will read about:

  • How Lacerte Software can help you in taxation process and planning?
  • What is the Probability of outsourcing this software?
  • What and Why of Tax Software Hosting?

The two chief concerns in tax planning and preparation process is, error avoidance and efficient collaboration among the staff involved in the process. This Software helps accounting professionals in realizing both these objectives without any trouble.

Features of Lacerte Tax Software

Lacerte software has inbuilt feature of abating those entries, which are not consistent with the overall data, thus, reducing the possibility for errors. This analytic feature in this application is also enhanced by the missing client data utilities which allow you to search for missing data easily and thus act as a great time saver. Time saving feature is further promoted by the simple worksheet design with features of quick Input and single click access to diverse forms. Lacerte comes with superb print functions and the accounting professional gets to preview the forms in just that form in which will be printed.

It comes with inbuilt e-filing feature which helps you in automatically applying for e-filing of your tax returns. Intuit also has online feature where you can follow your e-filing process. On the top of that this Tax software can be easily incorporated with Lacerte Document management system, which enables users to easily retrieve client’s files digitally. Lacerte software can also be incorporated with Lacerte tax planner helping accountants in preparing tailored strategies for customers to diminish their tax liabilities.

Though Lacerte tax software proves to be very useful in escalating the productivity of accounting firms, I would recommend one or two things which will promote your productivity as well as efficiency. Your institute must be facing a huge rush during the tax filing months, which are rigorous to a few months at most. As a result, you have to outsource tax filing or preparation process. Otherwise you can go for tax software hosting on a third part terminal servers.

Lacerte Software on Cloud

You should select Lacerte tax software hosting if:

  • You want to shift the complete tax software database to third party terminal server to improve cost efficiency.
  • You do not want to spend in local network IT infrastructure such as data recovery solutions and upgrades.
  • You are worried about the security and protection of critical data
  • You want to or need to access the tax application from anywhere at any time as well as have to collaborate with other user such as staff and clients distantly.

MyRealTime Cloud is a leading provider of Cloud computing services. The services offered by us covers the huge range of software hosting, Managed IT infrastructure, remote desktop support, Workgroup servers, accounting software hosting and Tax Application hosting.

Tax Software hosted by MyRealTime Cloud are:

  1. Lacerte
  2. Proseries
  3. Tax Wise
  4. Tax Works
  5. Drake
  6. ATX
  7. CCH: Prosystem

MyRealTime Cloud Services Tax Software hosting advantages are:-

  1. Anytime anyplace access to tax software
  2. Multiuser access
  3. Data security
  4. Average uptime of 99.9%
  5. Technical help desk