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ProSystem fx Tax – Automate Your Tax Return Process

Keeping pace with the changing tax scenario can be difficult, more so when you have a diverse range of clients and are following manual tax return process. The mounting work, complex calculations, and processing taxes can add to your woes and leave you with no time to concentrate on your core business. ProSystem fx Tax is a tax compliance and preparation solution that automates your tax return process. It is user-friendly and aims to keep you away from the clutter.

This software, a good fit for firms having a wide range of clients, offers multiple platforms, including SaaS, to choose from. It provides electronic filing for both state and federal returns. ProSystem fx Tax is today offered as three different solutions, namely, ProSystem fx Tax, ProSystem fx Tax SaaS and Global fx. Although these solutions have similar functions and capabilities, they differ in their implementation. Being the traditional desktop solution, ProSystem fx Tax is the most used platform among all of these.

This software offers various automatic calculating forms and supports almost all state electronic filing. It is compliant with e-file format and ensures that all returns follows the same format. With it you can look forward to not just automate your tax preparation process but also save your valuable time that you can devote to your customers.

The modules offered include individual, corporation, data conversion, employee benefit plan, estate and gift, electronic filing, fiduciary, productivity tools and partnership, among others. These modules simplify your tax preparation process and provide detailed reports that let you simplify audit and planning. Each module helps you accordingly, for instance corporation module eases your federal and state tax preparation and let you tackle any corporate return. Similarly, productivity tools offer various options to help you with your practice. For example, with Client Manager, you can create and maintain the profiles of your clients. With Engagement Plus, you can get an overview of your firm’s engagements. And if you want to search for the information of your client, you have Data Scan. Several more such tools can be exploited to see what suits you best.

With so many benefits associated with this software, you can expect to save your time and coordinate better with your clients.

Hosting ProSystem fx Tax with MRTC

Why should you go for hosting of ProSystem fx Tax, when you already have so many automotive features on the roll? The power of cloud is immense; it takes you a notch up from your competitors.

Anytime, anywhere accessibility

When you host your software on cloud, you go mobile, that is, you are freed from your physical office environment. In other words, you go virtual with your office. You can access your software suite from any device located at any place with an internet connection.

You and others, without being at the same location, can also work simultaneously on the same data and edit it at the same time. So now even if you are out of your office, you can take active participation in the work being done in your office by your colleagues.

Cost saving

Cloud hosting also helps you in saving your costs. You are no longer required to manage servers or other hardware that periodically demands costly and time-consuming updates. Besides, you are also saved from employing large number of personnel to look after your IT issues. With updates and upgrades taking place at our end, all these issues are taken care of by us, with no downtime.

Data protection and security

Peace of mind is assured with cloud hosting as several authentication protocols and encryption software are always in place to protect your data and secure it.

24*7*365 days a year customer support

We at MyRealTime Cloud provide you round-the-clock tech support so that you have a seamless enjoyment of your hosted ProSystem fx Tax software.

The benefits associated with cloud hosting can be immense for any firm dealing in preparation of taxes. Call our sales team to automate the hosting of your ProSystem fx Tax software.