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Workgroup Server Hosting and Virtual WAN

A Workgroup Server or Dedicated Server is a server in a network that is reserved or dedicated for serving a specific purpose or need. For an example, a network may have a requirement that one server should be kept solely to manage communications between other computers. In the Web hosting or application hosting business, the Dedicated Server hosting or Workgroup Server hosting is a type of Internet hosting in which a customer rents an entire server not shared with any other customer. This is much more advantageous than shared hosting, as an organization or business gets full-fledged control over the server as it is unshared.

Workgroup Server hosting or Dedicated Server hosting from our cloud computing or cloud hosting company creates a Virtual Wide Area Network (or WAN) which provides all the authorized users instant and secure access to the hosted applications and hosted data. A Workgroup Server or WGS offers a fully dedicated server environment and only the software or applications of your choice are installed. With Workgroup Server hosting or Dedicated Server hosting, you can acquire more resources as per your requirements at that time, so you are not required to pay for server options that your business does not require. You get the benefit of unlimited scalability, that is, your Workgroup Server on cloud or Dedicated Server on cloud can readily scale in accordance with your business needs and the number of users. All this can be done in a few hours. Our 24/7 available experts easily configure and deploy the server options required by a customer and upgrade them whenever you need in order to offer increased performance and increased functionality. Our expert team can add or remove applications or software at anytime as per your wish and 24/7 monitors the health of the server. A hosted Workgroup Server or a hosted Dedicated Server is a reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution. We as a Workgroup Server host or as a Dedicated Server host provisions maximum flexibility in order to provide your business the remote computing capabilities that it requires currently and in the future.

Benefits of Workgroup Server Hosting and Virtual WAN

As a Workgroup Server hosting service provider, we keep your business online 24/7 along with these benefits

1. You Get Extreme Scalability

As a Dedicated Server hosting service provider, we offer numerous benefits of extreme scalability. At anytime you can upgrade your hosted Workgroup Server.

2. Economical Hosting

You are required to pay only for the resources you use with Workgroup Server on cloud.

3. No More Geographical Barriers and Simultaneous Accessibility

With Workgroup Server or Dedicated Server hosted on our cloud, you get instant and anytime accessibility to your hosted WGS through the Internet. So, the geographical barriers to accessibility are wiped out. Multiple users can work concurrently or simultaneously via Internet.

4. Reliability and High Availability

As a Dedicated Server on cloud provider, we use state of the art cloud computing technology, and thus, guarantee full one hundred percent uptime to our clients. We use fault tolerant and fully redundant cloud architecture along with premium Internet backbone carriers.

5. Rolling Data Backup with Advanced Data Recovery Techniques

Our customers get the rolling data backup technology, and we have the high tech and fully efficient data recovery techniques if in any unfortunate case there arises any problem with the data. Free of Cost, 24/7, and Friendly Support Services As a dedicated server or workgroup server hosting service provider, we provision a free of cost, friendly, and very fast support service. We fully maintain and manage the server for you, so that your business is always online.